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Brel announces Brel Web-CMS 3.0

Singapore, 1 Jun 2009 – Brel announces the development of Brel Web-CMS 3.0. This is a major product release and includes more than 100 new features. This major version is target for delivery in 6-9 months time.

Brel Web-CMS Ver 2.5 is also integrated into other modules to provide a seamless solution from web site development to Portals, E-commerce, CRM and Mass Mailing.

About Brel

Brel is a pioneer in Web Content Management System and E-Commerce Solution having developed the World’s First Secured Electronic Transaction over the Internet in 1997 together with VISA and Citibank.

About Brel Web-CMS

Brel Web Content Management System (Web-CMS) is an Enterprise-Class Web Content Management System that allows organisations to rapidly deploy and maintain their web presence.

Brel Web-CMS allows content owners to publish web pages through their familiar MS Word environment. The uploaded MS Word file is then transformed into an XML format by Brel Web-CMS powerful Publishing Engine. Based on a selected template, the Publishing Engine generates the necessary HTML code for the target web page.


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