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Brel Launches Free Ecard Application, Sendcardz.com

Singapore, 1 Dec 2007 - Brel today announced the launch of a new application, Sendcardz.com. Sendcardz.com provides access to free Ecards that are available everyday, special occasions and events. Sendcardz.com is built based on the Brel Web-CMS and Brel Mass Mailer product.

A corporate-based Sendcardz.com that allows the customization of Ecards for corporates is also available. In this version, the Ecard design may be done by the corporate brand agency and uploaded to the system. The Ecards may be send on a ad-hoc basis or a batch mode. Ecards may be hosted for up to one month. A reporting utility is also provided.

About Brel

Brel is a pioneer in Web Content Management System and E-Commerce Solution having developed the World’s First Secured Electronic Transaction over the Internet in 1997 together with VISA and Citibank.

About Brel Web-CMS

Brel Web Content Management System (Web-CMS) is an Enterprise-Class Web Content Management System that allows organisations to rapidly deploy and maintain their web presence.

Brel Web-CMS allows content owners to publish web pages through their familiar MS Word environment. The uploaded MS Word file is then transformed into an XML format by Brel Web-CMS powerful Publishing Engine. Based on a selected template, the Publishing Engine generates the necessary HTML code for the target web page.


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