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Brel Portal

Brel Web-CMS Portal Server (Portal) offers world-class portal solutions for organizations. With its wide range of powerful tools, Brel Web-CMS Portal Server ensures quick deployment and full User Access Control and Personalised Web Pages for your online communities.

Information is Your Key to Success
In an increasing competitive business environment, the availability and access of information is the differentiator to your success. With the proliferation of the Internet, organizations need to quickly deploy communities, resource centres in their Intranets, Extranets and share resources and vital information.

Users of these portals are authenticated with a single sign-on across multiple applications to provide secured access to these business applications and sensitive data.

Each portal user views their content with a personalized layout. Such personalized pages are assembled from portlets. In a portal, you can rapidly find and share information among multiple applications and locate people in multiple locations, so they can work more effectively and make better decisions.

Web Portal Server
Brel Web-CMS Portal Server provides quick deployment of portal solutions with sophisticated capabilities for smart organizations.

Communities are Resource Centres that bring together various portal users to share information with its members. Marshall Cavendish uses Brel Web-CMS Portal Server and provides teaching resources to teachers in a secured, members only portal environment.

A portal user can personalize his view of content and applications aggregated by the portal. Personalized pages are aggregated from selected portlets. A Profile Manager keeps each portal user’s preferences, layout and profile.

Brel Web-CMS Portal Server supports different types of portlets namely Static, URI based, ISR 168 and custom defined Portlets. Portlet can for example, extracts key customer information for the Corporate CRM database application.

Access Control System
A User Access Control System (ACS) authenticates each portal user and also ensures controlled access to vital information. Roles can be defined to restrict what activity each user can perform.

Single Sign-On
Brel Web-CMS Portal Single Sign-On (SSO) inter-operates with the securities of other systems. SSO can be achieved via LDAP directories. Thus SSO provides not only single log-in to the portal itself but also to other systems that the portal integrates to.