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Brel Web Content Management System Ver 2.5

Brel Web Content Management System (Web-CMS) is an Enterprise-Class Web Content Management System that allows organisations to rapidly deploy and maintain their web presence.

Brel Web-CMS allows content owners to publish web pages through their familiar MS Word environment. The uploaded MS Word file is then transformed into an XML format by Brel Web-CMS powerful Publishing Engine. Based on a selected template, the Publishing Engine generates the necessary HTML code for the target web page.

"Brel Web-CMS empowers Content Owners to publish their web pages Anytime Anywhere without the need of any programming knowledge."

Now Content Owners are free from technical complexity. This new found freedom improves work productivity and efficiency.

Web Publishing Engine
The Web Publishing Engine allows a separation of Content from Look & Feel and Business Logic. A big benefit of this is that an entire Web Site can be updated to a new Web Design within minutes without any change to its content or logic.

Workflow Manager
In an Enterprise Environment, the ability to deploy corporate wide processes and maintain a high standard of operational consistency is important. The Workflow Manager allows effective workflow to be built and put to use in minutes via a friendly web interface.

The Workflow Manager also provides a collaborative environment for team members to share ideas through the process of the web page development. Advanced features include email notifications and reminders.

The Workflow Manager ensures that all content are appropriately vetted prior to going live.

Access Control System
An Enterprise-level Access Control System (ACS) allows complete control over user access to published information and user action capability. This ensures that only authorised users have controlled access to the system.

Audit Trail Manager
The Audit Trail Manager faithfully and accurately keeps track of all user actions. The powerful reporting tool allows system administrators to quickly generate vital information pertaining to users’ pattern and actions.

Version Control Manager
All uploaded content for a Web Page is being archived by the Version Control Manager (VCM). When a new version of the content is uploaded, the VCM archives the "replaced" version. This facilitates the ability to "Roll Back" to an earlier version of the Web Page when needed.

Recycle Bin
All deleted files are moved to the Recycle Bin. Thus, if a file have been accidentally deleted, it can be recovered from the Recycle Bin. The System Administrator can periodically flush the Recycle bin.

Multi Lingual Support
Full Multi Lingual Support is provided including non-Roman characters like Chinese, Korean and Japanese. This is important in deploying a Global Web Strategy.

Template Repository
The Template Repository provides an easy environment for Web Programmers and Web Designers to upload and manage newly created or modified Web Design Layout.

Content Life Cycle
All new Web Pages have a life span and it also contain various attributes that are important to the implementation of different business rules for the website. For example, an expiry date for a web page can facilitate an automatic removal of the web page from a particular location upon reaching the expired date.

Check 'in' Check 'out' facility
In a multi user environment, the Check ‘out’ system kicks in when someone downloads a web page for modification. ie. the web page has been checked ‘out’. The system then locks the file and prevents a second party from downloading the same web page until the web page has been uploaded back into the system, ie. Check ‘in’. This is important to preserve integrity of content.

Web Tools
We have a wide range of pre-built web productivity tools to help you kick start your web site. Eg, Calendar of Events, News and Events listings, What's Happening Listing, Marquees, Rolling Banners and Bread Crumps.

Brel Web-CMS empowers content owners to publish web pages on-the-fly without any knowledge of HTML. Content owners can upload content using MS Word and Brel Web-CMS powerful Publishing Engine automatically generates the HTML code.

Search Engine
The built-in Search Engine provides powerful free-text search capability across the entire web site.

Web Statistics
The built-in Web Statistics module provides good analytical reports pertaining to the web site.

Supported Platforms:
Server OS:
MS Win2K, 2003 Server, Linux Fedora Core 2

Minimum Server Configurations:
- Pentium III 1GHz CPU
- 768 MB RAM
- 1GB free disk space (data space is separate)